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POSTED ON 25 Dec 2018

有留意開板仔嘢或者美式街牌嘅話,對於「惡搞」或者「致敬」等類似字眼應該唔會陌生。參考一啲時裝界前輩,大牌子或 Artists 嘅設計,再加以去重新設計,推出成為屬於自己嘅 Products。

剩係講而家板牌至尊 Supreme 嘅 「致敬」 史都可以講到幾匹布咁長,最為人津津樂道相信都係喺 2000 年推出嘅嘅 Supreme Monogram Box Logo letter LV,由 「致敬」 Louis Vuitton, 畀 LV 提告;去到由 Kim Jones 做推手,將 Supreme 推上 2017 年 LV 嘅 T 字台上,你都咪話唔傳奇。

但係大家有無諗過喺時裝界竟然會有「逆襲」嘅現象呢?來自美國嘅 Fast Fashion 時裝品牌 Forever 21 就涉嫌「參考」/「致敬」美國街牌 PLEASURES 嘅設計概念。

喺早幾日,PLEASURES 嘅 Instagram 就出咗呢個 Post,圖中係一件Forever 21 所推出嘅 Zip-UP ,衫上印上 Full-print 嘅 "PLEASURES" 字樣;而喺呢個 Post 嘅 Caption 中亦有見 Pleasures 指責 Fast Fashion 品牌偷走小牌子嘅 Idea 同 Design,並且有 Tag 上 Forever 21 嘅 Instagram Account。

Fast Fashion 品牌「致敬」其他品牌實在唔係咩新鮮事,只係以小牌子作目標可為少數,加上 PLEASURES 公開指責則更加少見。今次真係玩出火,老鼠都可以咬返象。

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Fast-fashion corporations are notorious for stealing smaller brand’s hard work, ideas, and designs. Everyone knows it, but yet nothing is done about it. @forever21 clearly views themselves as untouchable because they continue to steal designs from brands with no fear of lawsuit or backlash. The blatant stealing and bad press has not deterred their business. The lack of respect and integrity within the fashion realm is despicable, and the lack of creativity in their business is growing. We ask you for your help in stop letting @forever21 get away with this. The consumers hold the power. Feel free to let Forever 21 know your feelings on the subject. We thank you for being smarter than the average consumer and for knowing that we come from a place of true passion and dedication.

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由80年代震撼全球的Nike Air技術起,「緩震」一直Nike多年來研發的重要部份。繼近年大家經常穿著的Nike React緩震技術後,2019年就開發出全新Joyride緩震科技。好像早前在Matthew M. Williams 在 1017 ALYX 9SM 2020 ...
21 Aug 2019
喜愛溫文爾雅,帶點「知性」的臉孔,眼鏡從來是一個很好的工具。而近年掀起復古眼鏡風潮中,於80年代創立的美國Oliver Peoples一直這復古眼鏡文化第一推手。然而,Oliver Peoples風光過後,創辦人Larry Leight其實早 ...
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